School Secretary

Ms. Staci Tyma has been serving at St. James since 2022. 

What do you enjoy most about working at St. James? I enjoy serving at St. James in so many ways, I could probably write a book.  I’ll just give a couple of my favorites!  I love being able to learn beside all the children; they have so much goodness to offer and it fills my heart each day.  It is amazing what adults can learn from children. I love being able to walk into work knowing I have so many friends praying for me and bringing an abundance of blessings upon my day, myself and my family.  I am proud to serve at a school where the entire school family works together to help everyone in their journey to be a saint.  

Who is your favorite Saint? I always say St. Micheal is my favorite Saint.  I have been praying for his help and guidance for many years, starting when my sister entered into law enforcement over 25 years ago. I also love St. Pope John Paul II.  I was able to attend an audience with him and I remember being in awe of him.  I cannot tell you what he spoke on, but I can still remember the feeling I had listening to him.  I love how he spoke (and continues to speak) to the young and how he opened his arms to the youth to pull them into God’s loving embrace.  My Confirmation saint is St. Anastasia.  What an honor to be named after a Saint who is commemorated in the Mass!