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Video Game Ratings:

Rating Meaning clasificación Sentido
E for Everyone Suitable for young children and adults. E para todos Adecuado para niños pequeños y adultos.
T for Teens Suitable for children 13 and older and adults. May contain some content not suitable for all children. T para Adolescentes Adecuado para niños de 13 años o más y adultos. Puede contener algunos contenidos no adecuados para todos los niños.
M for Mature Suitable for adults. Themes and content not appropriate for children M para Adultos Adecuado para adultos. Temas y contenido no apropiado para niños

Are you not sure if a game is suitable for your child? Check out the Electronic Software Rating Board (ESRB) website to find out what a game is rated and why!
Below are some popular games and their ratings.


Video Game Parental Controls:

Did you that modern game consoles such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch all allow for parental controls? The links below will help guide you in setting up parental controls on your child’s console.
Xbox One Screen Time
PlayStation Family Management
PlayStation Play Time Management
Nintendo Switch Parental Controls


Click this link for a presentation on Video Games and Ratings Presentation by Adam Ward