Grade 6

Sister Mary Guadalupe has been teaching for more than 15 years in several schools in the Lincoln Diocese. 

What do you most enjoy about teaching at St. James? Why do you enjoy serving at St. James? It is a gift to be able to encounter and serve the children and families at St. James School. I have found the parents to be supportive an beautiful to work with in the formation of their children. 

Who is your favorite Saint?  I have a few I’d like to mention: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity – I want to emulate her interior recollection and prayerful spirit. St. Teresa of the Andes – her desire to suffer with joy. St. Juan Diego – his humility and desire to serve the Lord and his relationship with Our Lady of Guadalupe.

What are your favorite leisure activities?  I enjoy making rosaries, playing sports and reading.

What are your favorite books?  My favorite series is The Green Ember series because I can relate to the characters and their desire to do good, overcoming the evil they encounter.