Dear Parents:
As parents, you are the primary educators of your children, and the faculty of St. James School is dedicated to assisting you in providing a sound Catholic education for them. The Church has the mission of providing for the spiritual welfare of people. The Catholic school complements and reinforces what Catholic parents teach at home and is the best means the Church has to instruct its youthful members.

The family and the Church must work together to form the educated Catholic child. This entails effort on the part of the child, concern on the part of the parents, and thoughtful planning on the part of the school personnel. The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint you with the policies and regulations of St. James School. It is an important reference for you.

We ask you to read carefully the contents of this handbook.

The files are in PDF format.

2022-2023 English Handbook

2022-2023 Spanish Handbook

St. James Wellness Policy

9-15-22 Wellness Policy Assessment