Grade 5

Sister Mary Ruth and Sister Mary Faustina

My name is Sister Mary Ruth, and this year I am teaching the St. James fifth graders in the mornings: Math, History, Literature, and Science. This is my 11th year teaching and my 6th year at St. James. I love to see how the children I am teaching this year have grown since they were in the younger grades! I am serving at St. James part-time, and in the afternoons I return to the motherhouse where I serve as our community treasurer and assist with other duties. 

My favorite saint is St. Faustina, and I really enjoy reading stories from the Old Testament, including the Book of Ruth, my patroness. As a native of North Dakota, I still enjoy cool weather and snow. I also love fishing, especially at my family’s lake place in Minnesota. Some of my other hobbies are crocheting, reading, and playing games with my Sisters.  

I am so grateful that you have chosen to send your child to our Catholic school! As a faculty, we have been diving deeper into the rich heritage of Catholic education, and I look forward to sharing these treasures with the children. As we journey through this year, I hope that we will all experience awe and wonder at the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness of God that is revealed to us in so many different ways!


Peace of Christ! I am Sister Mary Faustina and have been a School Sister of Christ the King for 22 years. I enjoy spending time with my Sisters, reading, playing sports, and playing the flute. I was raised on an acreage five miles west of Milford and also love animals. A highlight of my summer growing up was showing sheep, swine, and occasionally rabbits in the Seward County Fair and State Fair with my two brothers. My dad, Jim Wesely, was the vo-ag teacher for many years at Milford Jr./Sr. High School.

I’ve taught for ten years and been in administration for eleven years. I was here as Head Teacher from 2009-2012. This year I assist Sr. Mary Alma in the mornings with administrative duties and teach 5th grade religion, English, spelling, handwriting, study skills and art in the afternoons. 

I pray that this is a year of many graces and blessings for you and your children as we work together to build up the Kingdom of God!  It is wonderful to be at St. James School because of our close-knit, caring community!  God bless you!