Grade 1

My name is Sister Peter Marie and I am currently teaching 1st grade at St. James. This is my seventh year of teaching. I taught 4th grade in 2019-2020 and I began teaching 1st grade during the 2020-2021 school year. I have also taught 5th grade for three years at  St. Joseph School in Lincoln.

I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas and after graduating from Blue Valley West High School, I attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where I grew to love my Catholic faith, St. Peter and the Sacraments. It was at UNL that I met the School Sisters of Christ the King and discerned that Jesus was calling me to be His spouse. I left UNL and entered the Community in 2009. After four years of formation, I continued my studies at Benedictine College. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2015

Why do you enjoy serving at St. James? I enjoy serving at St. James because the children are happy, the parents are supportive and the teachers love life. We work together, make sacrifices, seek the good and love Jesus.

Do you have a favorite Saint?  My favorite Saint is St. Peter. He has helped me realize how Jesus is real and how His love for me is real. Peter could touch Jesus, talk to Him, eat with Him, listen to Him and enjoy being in His company. I want to do those things with Jesus every day, too. 

What leisure activities do you enjoy? I enjoy sitting down with my Sisters for good conversation or sitting down to read a good book. I’m currently learning how to play the guitar, and I enjoy playing my trumpet. I also like to make cards and organize messy cupboards.

Do you have a favorite book? I’m currently reading The Lord of the Rings and I’m having a really hard time putting the book down each night, which means that it’s good enough to be one of my favorites. Other favorites that I have include: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHThe Bronze BowJane EyreLittle WomenCrispin: The Cross of Lead and The Tale of Desperaux.