Faculty & Staff

During the school year, parents may leave messages for the teachers by calling the school office (402-826-2318) between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Calls will be returned at the earliest convenience.

Parents may also communicate with teachers, staff, and administration by email, using the format:

If there are classroom concerns about a student, parents should work directly with the classroom teacher before contacting the administration.

Parents are reminded to be considerate of the home life of our teachers and staff and avoid making unnecessary calls to their homes.


Mrs. Karla TranmerPre-school and Pre-Kindergarten
Miss Megan KopetzkyKindergarten
Sister Peter Marie, C.K.Grade 1
Sister Teresa Maria, C.K.Grade 2
Mrs. Avery UhingGrade 3
Mrs. Shannon MaronGrade 4
Sister Marie Amata, C.K.Grade 5 & 6
Sister Mary Faustina, C.K.Grade 6
Mrs. Shannon WardMusic, Computer, Title I and ELL
Mrs. Jean JochumP.E., Library, Title I


Mrs. Debbie HierSecretary
Mrs. Deb PolacekPart Time Accountant
Miss Laura ZiemsTeacher Assistant
Miss Courtney PotterSchool Assistant
Mrs. Rocio Don JuanHead Cook
Mrs. Silvia Adame GarciaCustodian
Mr. Don FoxhovenPart Time Maintenance


Father Christopher StoleyChief Administrative Office and Pastor
Father Joseph WahlmeierAssistant Pastor (temporarily)
Sister Mary Alma, C.K.Principal